Video gallery

bmp fold up-doors videogalleryWelcome to our industrial doors’ video gallery!

Visit our industrial and rapid doors’ photo gallery to see all the features we describe on each door model page. A video is better than words or photos to illustrate the versatility of BMP Group doors, and also the Australian ones. You will discover a lot of applications, from agriculture to chemical and from industry to warehouse and cold storage rooms.

You will also see how BMP rapid doors can benefit you, from helping you make the best use of very small spaces to providing you a quick-opening, sturdy door that can be used in different situations without breaking risk due to its self-repairing features.

You will see our products in a rainbow of colours. Remember we will produce the door you want in the colour you want! And we can do more—create transparent doors to maximise visibility or natural light: just think about flowers’ storage and their light need.

You have also the possibility to check our main tests conducted on each door we manufacture, in compliance with all sector laws.

Check our industrial doors models, the benefits they can provide to your business, and the safety that characterizes all our rapid self-repairing doors.