Self-repairing doors

Rapid self-repairing doors are our main product. They represent the technological evolution of the old PVC strip curtains or heavy sectional doors, which are inappropriate for current industry needs.

The Dynamicroll®, the most important product in the self-repairing door category, is a product that tries to solve various problems in today’s working environments. Self-repairing doors are safe and flexible products that eliminate accidental problems caused by operators or users. In addition, these doors use BMP’s TEX fabric 1125 and have a resistant safety border, which, along with the photocells and side barriers, ensures the total flexibility and safety of the product.

BMP’s architects and engineers carry out detailed studies and continuous research in different industrial environments, such as:

  • the car wash industry, where noise and water spray must be contained in a well-defined space;
  • clean rooms, where the space must be aseptic (with air 20-30,000 times cleaner than the external environment);
  • the food industry, where there is the need to ensure continuous transit and hygiene, as well as overcome technical difficulties (such as surface condensation on the curtain in seasoning rooms);
  • the refrigeration sector, where employees need quick access to, and egress from, refrigeration cells where the temperature ranges from 0°C to -40°C;
  • the supermarket sector, where there is the need to ensure quick access of authorized personnel only.

All of our Dynamicroll® self-repairing roll-up doors are made without rigid elements and are controlled by a control panel (220 V, single-phase inverter or 380V). BMP high-speed ​​doors are designed for intensive use and continuous service in industrial environments. You can rely on BMP high-speed ​​doors.