Our BMP rapid doors start out as simple steel sheets of various types that are then bent and shaped by powerful benders.

Skilled workers transform the steel sheets in real industrial works. In another area of our plants, trained staff assemble and test each door before starting its construction.

After the metalwork is complete, upon customer request, we use automatic machinery to paint and customise the products. We paint our BMP Group rapid doors using the most innovative system in industrial painting.

With the help of powerful engines and the most advanced technology of cutting and welding, our craftsmen turn the synthetic fabric into industrial door curtains.

The mechanical and technical production is coordinated by our administrative staff at our headquarters in Vezza d’Alba, Italy, who strive to provide the best rapid industrial doors.

High Frequency Welding Machines staplers   BMP Textile Department

Textile Department Drawing automatic cutting of PVC   BMP Robotic Island

Robotic Island BMP industrial doors production   Paint Shop industrial Coating Electrostatically Charged


Robotic Island numerical control robot