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75,000 speed doors installed in Europe

10,000 speed doors installed every year

Led by Danilo Benotto, owner and CEO, the BMP Group comprises three main companies: BMP, Thermicroll, and Civert.

The Group is headquartered in Northern Italy, and has 12 branch offices and about 320 sales points worldwide.

Thanks to rapid industrial doors, movement between two areas has been made easier.

The safety of the BMP Group products is guaranteed by our expertise in the field of flexible rapid doors, which allows us to solve many problems of industrial logistics thanks to great business management.

The BMP Group provides high-quality products for various business sectors that greatly benefit from the technological application of rapid industrial doors. The doors provided by the BMP Group have been specifically designed for all types of sectors to overcome problems that until recently were thought almost impossible to solve.

As a flexible and rapid industrial doors’ manufacturer, the BMP Group operates with great success in the food, farming, pharmaceutical, chemical, refrigeration, clean rooms, and other industries—all high-level working environments that require the high level of professionalism that the BMP Group provides.

The BMP Group designs and adapts each rapid industrial door to every specific use, for example, for clean rooms and temperature and humidity-controlled rooms. Throughout its many years of operation, the BMP Group has provided its customers with more than 75,000 flexible rapid doors in several European countries, thus achieving its fame in the industry.

We want to avoid repeating that we are the best in our industry because we adopt a policy of transparency that impresses customers not only by numbers. We are leaders in industrial door production, and you can judge our success by the total number of products we sold.

Toughness, security, and quality are words that perfectly merge with the “made in Italy” mark, which has been a leading symbol in the industry for years. The success of the BMP Group mark was possible thanks to its customers, who are truly satisfied to collaborate with a highly professional company.

Confirming our success in the field is very important for us, and we believe that careful customer management represents us.

The BMP Group rapid doors are specially designed, planned, and built in various locations to obtain a finished product as efficiently as possible. Our doors are fast closing and highly versatile—they can be used in many industrial areas. Thanks to the various patents of the BMP Group, we were able to create industrial products that satisfy a variety of problems encountered various industrial workspaces.

We guarantee the reliability of our products thanks to the specific CSI certificates for each flexible rapid industrial door. Pack, Roll, and Dynamicroll® are the result of our design team’s continuing examination of any problem that affects the various types of businesses. The range of safe and flexible products that we are offering today derives from our experience. We offer our customers technical assistance and maintenance, and solve any problem that may exist in every rapid door we sell.

The BMP Group rapid doors are unique in strength, practicality, and functionality—all qualities that identify the product as exclusive, original, unique, and unrivalled. The BMP Group’s seasoned team of designers, manufactures, and testers is made of about 100 people who have been working together for a long time, and this further ensures our products are reliable. Don’t trust not-original products that often do not guarantee the qualities mentioned above.

Our doors are ideal for indoor and outdoor use, walls, facades, and divisions to protect different workspaces. Our doors are safe and comply with all current standards and regulations.

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BMP Group: Our global headquarters in Northern Italy. This is the first BMP Group plant in which thousands of industrial doors are manufactured every year