BMP Australia

BMP Australia is the newest branch of the BMP Group.

After several years working at the BMP Group’s headquarters, located in Vezza d’Alba, Northern Italy, we have learnt a lot about rolling shutters, PVC high-speed doors, rapid self-repairing doors, and industrial doors in general.

We worked side-by-side with the Italian craftsmen, admired how they worked, and discovered the secrets of the “made in Italy” products. These are the particular attention paid to each step of the manufacturing process, the materials chosen and their assembly, the people and machines involved, the “Everything must be made in house” motto, and the rigorous product testing.

Now we have the skills and experience needed to work independently—although always in contact with our headquarters—in a new, different context. We aim to provide the Australian industrial, commercial, and private sectors the best logistic solutions.

We brought to our Australian facility the Italian way of manufacture, passion for results, and client-driven mentality—all attributes of our industrial philosophy and mission.

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